Wednesday, 6 January 2016

11 Reasons to be happy

Hello all, 2016 is finally upon us, how did your 2015 go?
I have made myself some 'promises' for 2016, they are:

1. Look after myself
2. Write more
3. Read more
4. Craft more
5. Make beautiful things even if nobody else cares
6. Walk more
7. Yoga more
8. Save more
9. Follow my own path
10. Be weird, act crazy
11. Most importantly - keep away from toxic people

These also make me happy :)

This week I picked up a crochet hook and made (well nearly) a roundish square with a frilly edge (yes it was deliberate).  I haven't done this since I was a teen.

Beautiful fabric also makes me happy

Linens are my favourite!  Some gorgeous linen ribbon just because...

Now what to do with it all?


  1. You have always made beautiful things! I care enough to remember! and treasure each one I have!
    Your blog is beautiful! Well done! I miss blogging, you always inspir me to do my best!
    Keep being YOU! xoxoDebi

  2. I love happy lists.
    What a very happy post, thanks.
    Sometimes fabric is just there to be admired.

  3. Your list is a very good one. Thanks for sharing and giving some great ideas. I want to walk more too.....and write more. I think creative writing is so nice.

    Have a lovely weekend.



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