Friday, 19 February 2016

Day 19 - 29 Faces Challenge

19 days in and 10 to go.
Here is an older piece 're-worked' for today.
Pencil and promarker



  1. She looks so sweet and so shy!

  2. I like her, have you done her skin with promarkers? And if so, what a wonderful perfect skintone :).

  3. I am visiting from my dusty laptop! where we first met! Your Art is much MORE wonderful large! each stroke...perfection !!!!
    Im holdup in my bedroom as the chaos goes on downstairs..oh the mess!
    Today they are spraying "popcorn" on the ceiling! If that doesnt sound like disaster or what!!!!!
    Thank you for the beauty each and everyday! xoxox

  4. charming little fairy, thinking fairy because of the wings.


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