Monday, 29 February 2016

Final day of 29 faces Challenge!

Thank you to Ayala Art for hosting (see above link)

My final piece for Day 29  - a distant cousin, so distant, I have no idea what her name is! Copied from an old photo.
Watercolour and pencil x



  1. I love this young Miss! Beautifully done! Always creative Heart!
    I made it because of you and your daily inspiration! Thank you my dearest virtual faraway friend! xoxoDebi

  2. This is magnificent!

    Thank you for this February, your beautiful, airy and ethereal art has been a thrill to look at.

  3. She is beautiful! What an amazing job you did painting her. Maybe by adding your touch to her you may gain more information on her. You chose an awesome painting with an interesting story for your last day. Thank you for sharing both! We made it! Congratulations, Rasz

  4. This looks totally amazing! It would be awesome if someone would recognize the cousin from this. 29 faces journey was great and we met new people and got to see different and fabulous works of other people :).

  5. Aahh, I just had to see your last drawing of the "29 faces challenge." I bet it was fun for you to draw all these unique faces, and I enjoyed looking at many of them. Your cousin has a sweet face.



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