Thursday, 13 April 2017

Pin cushion and an art gallery

Yesterday I felt in the mood for sewing, so I got everything ready i.e. fabric, ribbon, buttons etc etc, then I realised the foot pedal and plug for my sewing machine were nowhere to be seen :(  I spent half an hour turning the flat upside down with no luck.  When my husband got in he found it within 4 minutes - in my ironing basket!!  I have no idea how it got there :)  Anyhoo I did a little pin cushion that evening using scraps from an old pair of trousers.  The striped fabric was the lining of a jean pocket :)

Today we went down to the Pier, walked a while and then popped into a favourite hotel for some lunch and a drink.  We then wandered round to our local art gallery 'The Turner', which was full of lovely surprises!

Have a happy Easter  💙💙💙

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