Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The most bonkers delightful garden (ever)

Today myself and hubster took a train trip to Bexhill, it could not have been simpler, out of the station with a 3 minute walk to the beach 💙💙

I love to look at all the houses on our trips but this time we found what must be the most delightfully crazy garden, it takes the 'seaside theme' to another level, we loved it 💙

Peace and love 💙💙💙


  1. Oh my, it looks like an Alice in Wonderland garden. Very interesting. I like the "love" rocks and all the aqua colors. And that flamingo got to me right away. Sounds like a fun day at the beach finding an unexpected garden. : )


  2. Found you! Must update my blog links! You can't hid from me! Love your photos & adventures! Hope it doesn't rain there, & destroy this beautiful home! 😂👍❤️🇨🇦


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