Monday, 17 July 2017

Dyeing and stamping fabric

I belong to a lovely group on Facebook and their latest swap was a fabric dye/distress/stamp one.  I am swapping with 6 other UK ladies and decided to stick to dye and stamp.  I kept the juice from some frozen berries and made a thin solution with the spice turmeric (plenty of water and spice mixed).  I used some old pillow cases for the experiment.  I literally just dipped them and hung them over the bath to dry naturally.  I wanted the fabric to look 'old' and imperfect.  When they dried I used water colour paints (from the tub no mixing) and brushed the colour onto some rubber stamps (clear ones are no good at 'holding' the paint).  I used a few paper doilies for the patterns.  They seemed to have turned out just right :)



  1. Oh, these are really pretty. I love everything about them, the color, the fabric, and the design. How creative these are. I am wondering, if you wash it, will the design and color start to rinse away?


    1. These colours have not been set so yes they would run if washed! xx


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