Did you copy my Blog content?

How to find if someone is copying your blog / website content

To find out if someone is copying content from your blog posts, copy one sentence or few words from any of your posts and search it on Google with double quotes  " "  in place around that. Repeat this process 3-4 times for each of your latest 8-10 posts. And in case you see more than one result  from your own website, go through those results and see how they have copied your content, is it some part or copied all of your blog posts and also don’t forget to check whether they have given any credit to you for that content or not. When you run this process regularly, you may find some websites that have copied content from your blog quite often especially if you have a popular blog.

You can also find out if anyone has copied one of your images for their own blog or website, just right click on your own image and click 'copy image URL' - then google it to see what happens, hopefully it will just show your own personal site. 

If you ever feel the need to copy anything from someone's personal space it is common sense to give credit or leave a link  :)

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