Getting to know me

I am a Londoner by birth and I lived there for 32 years, im married and am blessed to have had a lucky and extraordinary life. My home is in Sussex, I have also lived in Kent and Lincolnshire.

A few other (silly) things....

1. I was born in London on February 1st, I am an Aquarian and do possess all of their weird traits.  I consider myself to be very fortunate in lots of ways.

2. My real name is not Rosa Lily, it's an old family name that I use for my blog.

3. I have long hair, perhaps unusual for my age.

4. I have a tattoo of a large tiger on my left shoulder blade (there's a rock chick in there somewhere). 

5. I have no intention of ever acting my age. My husband is the same (thank goodness).

6. I love animals more than almost anything.

7. I loathe liars and cruelty (in all forms).

8. I am at that age when my hormones are confused, but I haven't killed anyone (yet)

9. I was 6 when I bought my first record and I have a vast music library, music is a healer - no doubt 
about it

10. I have also clung onto old cassettes, vinyl, videos etc..

11. I believe that what goes around - comes around - Karma in other words.

12. On my wedding day as I got out of the car at the church, a little girl (in a loud voice) said "It's the Queen !"

13. I have known my hubby all of my life.

14. I am a dreamer and often drift off into la la land

15. I'm not religious but I believe that something must have made all of this, nothing happens by chance. I also believe in guardian angels, in whatever form they appear.

16. Regrets ? I've had a few (I nearly broke into song there!), but who hasn't?

17. I wear Big Girl knickers. As for squishing myself into a pair of 'Spanx' - no thanks!

18. Charity begins at home (always)

19. I am 5ft 4in.

20. I have a real "fear" of those old type ventriloquist dummies, the ones that look like little men (shudder shudder). The film 'Magic' completely freaked me out.

21. I love the feel and look of old books - well 'old anything' really. 

22. Shabby is wonderful. Retro is cool. Vintage is fabulous.

23. I love sitting and watching the world go by.....Do you get the feeling I need to get out more?

24. My childhood home was haunted.

25. I have Al Pacino's autograph.

26. I have a purple belt in karate (chop chop).

27. I have been known to ignore a knock at the door, or a phone call, if I don't want to be disturbed. I have never opened the door to a stranger - If I don't know you don't bother me.

28. I still practice yoga.

29. I can read Tarot cards .

30. I do love a glass of Baileys (no ice of course). I love Christmas. I love chocolate and dairy ice cream, together if possible. 

31. In my Family Tree I have a pirate (not Johnny Depp unfortunately). A lot of my ancestors came from Jersey and Alderney.

32. I have lived in many many properties since 1986 - wanderlust maybe?

33. My favourite sound is a cats purr. My favourite sight? - Butterflies dancing. Worst trait? - Never finishing anything I sta........... 
Best trait? - Empathy

Describe myself in 3 words


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